Outlook.com gets Calendar and To Do integration


22, 2019

Author Rahul // in Outlook

Outlook web doesn’t get a weekly feature update, like the Outlook mobile app — Microsoft rarely pushes new features to Outlook.com.

The last update that the Outlook web received was way back in August and after almost two months, the company has started rolling out two new features to the already-awesome email service, Outlook.com.

Calendar and Microsoft To Do is now integrated into Outlook.com, meaning that you can now add events, drag tasks to your email, create new tasks and so much more right from Outlook.com.

These new features will eliminate the need for you to switch from your PC to your phone to create events or add items to your To Do lists, those who like to spend more time on PC than on mobile will find these features very useful. It’s also worth noting that the Calendar and To Do integration are now rolling out to all Outlook.com users across the globe.

Outlook mobile app already has the Calendar integration, but unfortunately, you’ll have to open the Microsoft To Do app to see tasks as the mobile app lacks the To Do integration. However, if you have a Wunderlist account, you’ll have to able to add that to Outlook mobile app.

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