When it comes to numbers, the Opera browser is by far not the most popular, but it is in many cases the most innovative, and the company continues to work at improving the app in the interest of its users.

Today the company has updated the browser with an improved Picture-in-Picture mode.

Unlike Google’s PiP mode, it does not need to be specifically enabled by websites, meaning it will work for any site, making it a great productivity feature when watching longer videos while doing something else.

Opera has now added a timer to their transport control and Next Track button, allowing users to do more without returning to the original web page which hosted the video.

It is notable that Google ditched the Mute button and skip ad buttons on their PiP solution, and does not offer any transport control, and is also restricted into how large it can be resized, suggesting the company is less interested in the user experience and more in their ad revenue.

Opera offers other awesome features, such as free VPN, and deserves to be a second or 3rd browser on your PC. Find the download at Opera here.

Via Techdows.