Open source Windows Calculator app to get Always-on-Top mode

In March Microsoft announced that it is open sourcing Windows Calculator app on GitHub under the MIT License.

The act has drawn a surprising amount of interest, with the project generating thousands of forks.

Today Dave Grochocki, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft for NotePad and Calculator amongst others, announced that the app will be getting a very useful new feature.

The app will be getting an Always on Top mode and also a micro-calculator mode.

The feature works by adding a button which activates Compact Overlay Mode. The calculator is resizable in that mode and the app will remember the size users prefer in that mode.

Grochocki said the updated app is coming soon, though it is not clear what exactly this means.

The addition of these new features is of course very welcome, though we wonder if it was really necessary to wait for the app to be open sources to accomplish this.

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