OnePlus found data breach on its website, users’ order information compromised

by Rahul
November 24, 2019

OnePlus recently found a data breach on its website and as a result, some users’ order information was accessed by an unauthorized party. In a blog post, the company confirmed that payment information, passwords, and accounts are safe. However, users’ names, contact numbers, email addresses, shipping addresses may have been compromised.

…we have discovered that some of our users’ order information was accessed by an unauthorized party. We can confirm that all payment information, passwords and accounts are safe, but certain users’ name, contact number, email and shipping address may have been exposed. Impacted users may receive spam and phishing emails as a result of this incident.

OnePlus has also notified all the impacted users about the security breach via email. “… all impacted users were notified via email. If you don’t get an email from us today, rest assured that your order information is safe,” OnePlus wrote in a blog post.

The good news is the security flaw no longer exists, meaning that if you’re now safe to purchase anything from the OnePlus website. “We took immediate steps to stop the intruder and reinforce security,” the blog post reads.

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