OneNote’s Windows 10 app brings the ability to graph math equations to all users

Microsoft has been testing the ability to graph math equations in the OneNote app for Windows 10 for a while now. Today, the company is rolling it out to all Windows 10 users who are subscribed to Office 365. The new update essentially lets you draw a graph of your math equation, which is a really neat feature that’ll be really useful if you do your maths on OneNote. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Begin by writing your equation. For example: y=x+3 or y=sin(x)+cos(2x).
  2. Next, use Lasso tool to select the equation and then, on the Draw tab, click the Math button.
  3. From the drop-down menu in Math pane, select the option to Graph in 2D. You can play with the interactive graph of your equation—use a single finger to move the graph position or two fingers to change the zoom level.
  4. Use + and – buttons to change the values of the parameters in your equation.
  5. Finally, click the Insert on Page button to add a screenshot of the graph to your page.

If you are an OneNote user, you can get the Windows 10 app from the link below.

OneNote for Windows 10
OneNote for Windows 10
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