OneNote’s Class Notebook add-in snags a new feature



Microsoft today released a new update for the Class Notebook add-in for OneNote. The latest update for does not add a lot of major features, but it does introduce some much-needed improvements. One of the improvements included in the latest update is the new indicator for read/unread status for the submitted work from students which will let teachers easily be able to identify whether they have already reviewed a student’s work or not. Here’s the full list of improvements included in the update:

  • Easily see when students have started their work in a distributed page or assignment.
  • Quickly see which pages you, the teacher, have already reviewed.
  • See if a student added any new content after a teacher has already reviewed or graded a page.

The latest improvements are part of Class Notebook’s update which you can download from within OneNote — alternatively,  you can also download the latest version from here. 

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