Web users of OneDrive & SharePoint are getting this exciting Open in App feature

June 14, 2023

Open in App from SharePoint & OneDrive feature is set to arrive to web users, as we’ve noted from Microsoft 365 Roadmap site

According to the roadmap’s note, this new addition will allow them to open non-Office files directly in desktop applications. This feature empowers users to view and make changes to their files using familiar desktop apps. The good news is, all modifications will automatically sync back to OneDrive or SharePoint.

Redmond officials added this feature to the roadmap on June 13, 2023, under Feature ID 124813. It is designed to enhance the user experience and streamline file management for OneDrive and SharePoint users across various platforms. The feature will be available on web platforms, including cloud instances such as GCC, GCC High, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), and DoD.

Scheduled to enter the preview phase in July 2023, the rollout of the feature will commence in September 2023, marking its general availability. This release aims to provide users with greater flexibility and efficiency when working with non-Office files.

Speaking of which, earlier this year, Google also introduced better integration for Microsoft 365 & OneDrive on ChromeOS.

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