Office Insider program comes to the iPhone and iPad

January 9, 2017

Last year, Microsoft launched the Office Insider program on Windows, Mac, and Android. Office Insider program works similar to how the Windows Insider program, where the Insiders get to enjoy some of the upcoming features a bit earlier than everyone else. That, of course, means that you will be getting updates which are a bit rough and sometimes the apps might not even work properly. Today, Microsoft is bringing the Office Insider program to the iPhone and iPad allowing iOS users to be able to get an early look at some of the upcoming updates for Office.

The company stated:

We are excited to launch the Office Insider program for iPhone and iPad, which provides early access to builds of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. We have limited capacity in this program so we will largely offer these spots on a first come first served basis, to enthusiastic Office fans who want to test the apps on iPhone and iPad and provide feedback. Because of limited capacity and constantly evolving testing focus, we may need to remove participants from the program if they are not actively testing or we need to reallocate capacity/resources to a different test group.

To get into the Office Insider program, you will have to sign-up here, but do keep in mind that the Insider program has a limited capacity on iOS — so you should apply as soon as possible if you want to get in.

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