Microsoft releases Office Insider Monthly (Targeted) v2005 Build 12827.20160 for Windows users

Microsoft has released a new Office Build for Office Insiders who registered in Monthly(Targeted) channel. For those unaware, the Monthly channel is equivalent to the Slow ring where you get a comparatively less buggy update.

The new Build 12827.20160  has introduced a couple of new features to Excel, Outlook, Access. You can read the official changelog below.



Natural Language Queries in Ideas in Excel 

Tired of trying to remember tons of complicated formulas? Now you can simply ask Excel questions to glean insights from your data, all with the power of your voice! Using the intelligence that powers Ideas in Excel, natural language query will quickly answer users’ data questions with formulas, charts, or pivot tables. Simply click a cell in a data range, and then click the Ideas button. Enter a question in the query box at the top of the pane, and press Enter. Ideas will provide answers that you can insert into the workbook in the form of charts, tables, PivotTables and formulas answers.

Image showing the natural language query ability in Excel for Windows 32 desktop Insiders fast builds.


Outlook’s Calendar gets a refresh

After the successful refreshing of the mail experience last year, it was the calendar’s turn to get a facelift. Thanks to your feedback, we were able to implement updates that are fresh but familiar, so seasoned Outlook users, like you, can immediately be more productive.

Check out the screenshot below to take a look at some of the updates: bold headers, calendar-colored outlines, a new time indicator bar, and badges.

Learn more. 

Image of work week in calendar.


New Add Tables pane 

Navigating tables and queries to establish relationships just got easier in Access! The new Add Tables pane will increase your productivity when you’re developing and viewing relationships and provide an enhanced querying experience.

How it works    

1. Select Database Tools > Relationships.

2. The Add Tables pane should appear to the right of the screen. If it does not, right-click and select Show Tables, and it will appear.

Add Tables box on the right side.

New Date & Time Extended data type  

To enhance syntax compatibility with SQL, and to increase accuracy and level of detail in records that include dates/times, we are implementing the Date & Time Extended data type into Access. The additional data type will include a larger date range and higher-specified time precision that users will be able to provide.

You can access this feature in two ways:

  • Add New Field > select Date & Time Extended in drop down list.
  • Select the Field tab in the ribbon > Formatting > Data Type: Date & Time Extended 

April 16, 2020