Office 365 now available from Microsoft’s cloud datacenter regions in Switzerland


13, 2019

Back in 2018, Microsoft announced its plans to open new data centers in Switzerland (specifically in Geneva and Zurich). Today, Microsoft announced that Office 365 services are now available from cloud datacenter regions in Switzerland. Microsoft is also planning to open new cloud data center regions in Germany and Norway in 2020. Like the existing data center regions, the new datacenter regions will provide the same reliability and performance with data residency in Switzerland. Also, customers can now replicate their data across multiple data centers inside Switzerland.

“Swiss organizations of all sizes and across all industries are currently investing in new ways of working and empowering their employees with modern tools that enable secure, flexible, and mobile working as well as foster collaboration. Office 365 from the Microsoft cloud in Switzerland is already seeing strong demand, especially with the new opportunity to store customer data at rest locally,” said Paul Lorimer, Corporate Vice President, Office 365 Enterprise and Cloud Engineering.

Source: Microsoft

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