Oculus Quest will track your hands without additional hardware


26, 2019

Facebook’s standalone Oculus Quest headset will soon provide players with the dream VR set-up: hardware-less hand tracking.

Announced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at Oculus Connect 6, the hands-free headset will soon allow players to experience VR without any extra peripherals. All you’ll need is an Oculus Quest headset and some hands.

The feature is planned to launch sometime in 2020. Utilizing the smart inside-out tracking and monochrome cameras on the Quest headset, the new SDK is going to make the VR dream a reality.

Unlike other VR headsets, Quest players will no longer have to worry about accidentally launching a controller straight through their flatscreen. Of course, the original Oculus Touch controllers will still be useable for those who want or need them, but the new technology is undeniably cool.

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Facebook has done well in providing casual VR players with the Quest headset. Not only is it selling out as fast as the company can make them, but it’s also introducing groundbreaking tech to a mainstream audience. Providing casual players with the next big step in VR is a fantastic move by Facebook.

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