Ocarina of Time may be one of the most beloved single player games of all time, but it does get a little lonely. However, through the magic of modders, you can now play the game with up to 14 other people. Overkill? Perhaps.

Ocarina of Time Online (OoT Online for short) is still in its early stages. While fully playable, it only allows players to team up against the game’s AI. PvP is planned for future releases, but it isn’t available yet. No Team Deathmatch? No Capture the Ocarina?

With that said, running around Hyrule Field with others looks like a blast. In OoT Online, no player is tied to another either. This means you can all run off and do your own thing completely.

Alongside plans for PvP, Ocarina of Time Online also plans to allow up to 15 players to explore Hyrule together at any given time. With the team’s Twitch page frequently highlighting the mod’s progress, it’s easy to follow its development. You can also follow the development blog here.

Ocarina of Time Online looks to be an amazing time for Zelda fans. Much like any fan mod, including the now Cease and Desisted KOTOR remake, Ocarina of Time Online is full of dedication and love for the source material.

Source: Kotaku