NYPD ditches Windows Phone in favor of iPhones

NYPD is the latest addition to the list of companies dropping support for Windows Phones. The department announced its decision back in December 2017 and has finally acted upon it. They are currently rolling out 600 iPhones a day to police officers in Manhatten. Once Manhatten is done, the department will move to Brooklyn and Queens. NYPD is currently giving an option between iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s to the police officers and according to New York Daily Times, the transition started just before Christmas last year.

NYPD IT Deputy Commissioner Jessica Tisch said they’re seeing “a lot of excitement” as they make the transition from Windows Phone to iPhones. He also said that ever since they used phones for the job, response times to ongoing incidents dropped by 14%. Officers will also use their iPhones to fill out summonses, as well as to file accident reports, aided cards and domestic violence reports. The department decided to use Windows Phone back in 2016 because the video surveillance was also provided by Microsoft. However, since the Redmond giant decided to drop the support for Windows Phone last year, it didn’t make sense for the NYPD to continue using it.

As for the contract is concerned, NYPD will be filling this as an upgrade from Windows Phone and will be sending back the devices after wiping them. In case you don’t know, NYPD has a contract with AT&T for the supply of phones to its police force.

Via: Engadget; New York Daily Times