Now Google also messes with YouTube playback on Windows Phone

by Surur
January 12, 2013


WPCentral reports that since yesterday YouTube video playback on Windows Phone has been causing issues, in the main when Windows Phone 8 handsets are in desktop mode, when the above request pops up. Searching for an appropriate app produces no results.

On Windows Phone 8 handsets in Mobile mode playback works fine, but of course on Windows Phone 8 the browser ships by default in desktop mode, meaning the experience of Windows Phone 8 users trying to view videos on YouTube has just become a lot worse.

Windows Phone 7 users are apparently having even more issues where both desktop and mobile mode no longer work.

Strangely a work-around is to clear your browser cache and restart your phone, suggesting the issue is related to some (probably accidental) backend change by Google, pointing the finger to neglect rather than malice – Google does not of course have any motivation to look after or care about the usage experience of their Windows Phone using customers.

Have our readers run into these issues? Let us know below.

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