Notepad and MS Paint for Windows 11 are also getting a Fluent Design update


24, 2021

Microsoft is making a real effort to offer an integrated and consistent visual experience with Windows 11, and to that end, they are finally also bringing a touch of Fluent Design to the native Windows apps which have been with Windows since Windows 3.1.

At their developer presentation today they showed off an updated look for Microsoft Paint, Notepad and of course Powerpoint.

native apps redesigned

Interestingly the Paint app appears to have all new icons, but does still retain the ribbon design for its functions, something which has been removed from the new Windows 11 File Explorer.

It is not clear if the images shown are real or design mockups, but we should know quite soon, as Microsoft resumes Windows Insider builds for Windows 11 next week.

via Niels Laute 

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