Nokia Vice President says there is no alternative to Windows Phone success: "Plan B is that plan A must succeed"

imageNokia’s Vice President and Head of Nokia Eurasia, Victor Saeijs has told  Swedish paper Dagens Industri that there is no alternative to succeeding with Windows Phone.

"Plan B is that plan A must succeed," he said. "It’s like starting all over again. But we must succeed in the U.S. if we are to succeed in the world," Saeijs is quoted as saying. "Right now we are totally focused on making Lumia a success," he said.

He said Nokia was satisfied with sales so far.

"We think we made a good start. In Denmark reports both Telia and TDC that Lumia is one of the two best-selling smart phone, in Sweden, we are among the top three," he said.

There have been recent indications that the Lumia 800 is selling very well in Finland also.

Nokia has committed to creating a viable 3rd mobile ecosystem as an alternative to iPhone and Android and has already rapidly dominated the Windows Phone ecosystem, taking nearly 50% of the Windows Phone 7 market.

Adopting Windows Phone has allowed Nokia to have its phones adopted by two US carriers, something it has not managed for a while with its Symbian products.