Nokia suggests you wont get the girl’s number if you use a Galaxy S 3 (or 4)

Nokia is still trying to take the wind out of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 sails, and have uploaded the above video emphasising the much better low-light performance of the Nokia Lumia 920 vs what is clearly a Samsung Galaxy S 3 (but of course could be a 4, given that they look near identical, except for size).

Given that Samsung increased the amount of megapixels in the camera without greatly increasing the sensor size or any other engineering tricks to improve low-light performance, chances are the SGS4 will probably have even poorer low-light performance than the SGS 3.

Of course what I am most surprised at is that a girl would given out a number to some-one carrying around two constantly  recording phones on a special rig, but then people are strange these days…