Nokia Releases Xbox Game Blobster Exclusively For Lumia Windows Phone Devices



Nokia has released a new Xbox game called Blobster exclusive to Lumia Windows Phone devices. This game works on both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.x devices.

Game Description: 

Get ready to meet one gooey hero…
Blobtopia is at risk from some nasty pollution from the evil Big and Powerful Corporation, and it’s up to you to help! Blobster is an awesome platforming adventure with a twist! Flick the flubbery fella across incredible levels; avoid pitfalls, water hazards, squish pesky bad guys and collect amazing power-ups on your way to cleaning up Blobtopia and defeating Blobzilla!

Blobster Highlights
• Levels like you’ve never seen before!
• Amazing level design will have players in awe as they fling their way through the engrossing campaign.
• Super easy to pick up and play, flick Blobster around using the intuitive control scheme.
• Collect game-changing power ups, including the ability to rocket through the sky, float like an angel or transform into a giant.
• A variety of pesky enemies to squash, each with their own special ability Blobster must overcome.

Download it from Nokia Collection here for $2.99.

via: WPC

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