Nokia predicting more than 10% smartphone market share by 2014

by Surur
April 10, 2013

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nvesa_248xForgive us for this somewhat old but still interesting news which we seem have missed.

Speaking at Mobile World Congress 2013, Nokia head of Windows Phone 8 marketing Vesa Jutila predicted Nokia would be dramatically increasing their smartphone market share by next year.

“A year from now, we will no longer be a single-digit smartphone player in the marketplace,” he said. “We are breaking through in a much more major way as a smartphone player.”

Nokia had a 4.9% market share in 2012, having shipped 35.1 million Symbian and Windows Phone handsets that year.

This was  behind Samsung (30.3 per cent) and Apple (19.1 per cent).

Jutila was however not happy with this position.

“Of course, we have only one goal, and that’s to be the leader in smartphones, and we believe we have the assets, the strategy and the will to get there.”

Jutila however squashed rumours of a Nokia tablet.

“We are not concerned with getting the next tablet out. We are completely happy to be focusing on these products [the Lumia family plus the 105 and 301] and getting them into the hands of consumers,” he said.

In Q4 2012 Windows Phone only had a market share of around 3%. Hopefully Jutila’s optimism is boosted by knowledge of a bumper Q1 2013.

Via Mobile News.

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