Nokia Lumia Icon coming to Rest of the World later this year

by Surur
February 24, 2014

Good news for those who are find the Nokia Lumia 1520 just a bit too big.

According to Technobuffalo, citing industry sources, the Nokia Lumia Icon, in its 929 guise, will be coming to the rest of the world later this year.

The device is said to be ready to hit the market in Spring or Summer, which of course means it is likely to be running Windows Phone 8.1.

In many ways it makes sense for the handset to wait for the new OS, rather than the update which will come a lot later, and of course the new OS should also bring along a wave of new devices.

Would our international readers want a retreaded Icon, or would you prefer a brand new, somewhat slimmer handset? Let us know below.

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