Nokia Lumia Exclusive App Burton Now Available In Windows Phone Store



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Burton Windows Phone App

The Burton app is the ultimate snowboarding companion for Lumia Windows Phone devices. It also features Burton Sequencer, a camera lens that leverages Nokia imaging technology to combine a sequence of action shots taken with the Nokia Lumia camera in a single photo.

Burton Forecast provides up-to-the minute snow and weather conditions at favorite ski resorts. Coming soon, Burton Friends will feature an augmented reality-based friend finder, making it easy to locate friends on the slopes. The app also boasts Burton Tune up, a feature that leverages Nokia Music APIs to enable consumers to  listen to a continuously updated selection of Burton finest playlists from within the application.

App Description:

With Burton application, get the latest snow forecast for over 2600 resorts worldwide, capture and share your epic moves with the first image sequencer for Windows Phone 8, ride while listening to Burton’s own Tune UP playlists, and even watch our Burton Open Events right from your Nokia Lumia phone.

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.


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