Nokia Lumia 930 survives 100 km/h fall on freeway

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Dropped my Lumia 930 on the Freeway at 100km/h

A few months ago Microsoft released the first Microsoft Mobile windows phones without the Nokia name, the Lumia 535, but the division creating the devices is still the very same people who earned Nokia’s reputation for toughness and durability.

It seems their legacy has lived on, as Siebensohn on Reddit reports.

He writes:

Last night I got home and couldn’t find my phone. Search all my pockets, bag, etc. Nowhere to be found. Not to worry – I must have left it at work.

I logged into my account and did a Find My Phone search to confirm. A few seconds later the results come back. It is on the freeway about 6km from my house.

I jump back on my bike and do a ride through the area a couple of times to look for it, but it is no good. I can’t see it anywhere.

Today I woke up sad that I had lost my phone. I’ve accepted the fact that it is probably dead. About 4pm in the afternoon I was out on my bike and decide to ride through the area again for one more look.

OMG – what is that on the side of the road? I pull over into the emergency lane and walk back to find my phone laying face down on the asphalt. Its roughed up pretty bad and the back has half popped off, but miraculously the screen is still intact.

I bring it home, clean it up a little and snap it all back together. The damn this lights up. It still worked and even had 18% of the battery life left 😀

I knew Nokia’s were tough, but I didn’t think they were that tough! I don’t think my wife’s iPhone would have survived that one 😀

Here’s some pics if you are interested

tl;dr; Dropped my phone whilst riding my bike on the freeway. Found it the next day, still working.

Of course we all have bad luck stories of your phones landing just wrong and the screen being destroyed, but I know my Lumia 920 has had hundreds of knocks and has kept motoring, while my year old Lumia 930 is still near pristine.

Do any of our readers have their own hard knock survival stories? Let us know below.

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