Nokia Lumia 925 gets product placement on latest Man of Steel movie




We already know the new Superman movie is having extensive sponsorship by Nokia, with Man of Steel cases being sold in India for example.

Now we have also uncovered some of the mandatory product placement, with the handset being shown in a scene of the Behind the Scenes video of the movie.

The prominently labelled Windows Phone appears to be a Nokia Lumia 925, going by the metal frame, which makes for pretty good timing with the device hitting the market around the same time as the movie. 

Of course I would hope if General Zod would show up suddenly our Windows Phones would not be so easily hacked, given that Windows Phone 8 has not been cracked yet despite concerted attacks by the hacking community.

See the handset at around the 9:42 mark in the video above.

Thanks Gasten and Randy for the tip.

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