Nokia Lumia 920 scoring well in Wired Magazine’s Poll


Wired is running a poll asking readers which of the new wave of  smartphones they are planning to buy.

In their article the rate they Nokia Lumia 920 pretty highly, saying:

While Samsung’s Android-based smartphones have long been the iPhone’s biggest competition, Nokia’s Lumia 920 is now one of the most talked-about new devices. In terms of design, it’s arguably one of the most stunning phones anyone has announced in a long time.

After collecting more that 10,000 votes in more than 24 hours, the Nokia Lumia 920 scored pretty well, hitting 21% of the votes, and that’s before any Windows Phone fans descended.

Hopefully the poll is reflective of what will happen in the real market when the NL 920 actually hits shelves.

In the mean time, if you want to add your support for the only Windows Phone in the list see the poll here.

Thanks manmeet for the tip.