Nokia Lumia 610 and 900 sales off to a good start in Finland, “by far the best selling device on the day”

imageThe Nokia Lumia 610 and 900 went on sale in Finland yesterday, and Taloussanomat has reported on the opening day.

DNA Trade Manager Sami Aavikko reports sales went smoothly and the device looked promising.

“A while ago I looked at today’s Lumia sales figures, and it is by far the best-selling device fully on this day” he told Taloussanomat.

He warned however that competition will intensify next week when Samsung launches the Galaxy S3 in Finland.

He noted that pre-orders have been good, and representatives from other Finnish carriers Elisa and TeliaSonera agreed.

“Pre-ordering was fine. The phone is clearly in demand. We believe that the Lumia is off to a good start”  Elisa Vice President Henri Korpi said.

TeliaSonera’s consumer business director Juha Koivuniemen  said Lumia 900 trading has started well, but the new model did not pull in the same manner as the first wave of Lumia launches.

“It was obviously a unique case” he said.

Elisa’s Henri Korpi said Late Spring was good time to bring a new phone on the market.

“School children and school leavers often get phones or money as a gift. The money is often used to purchase phones. These are important for phone retailers for weeks”

Samsung is planning to take advantage of the same trend, with the release of the Samsung Galaxy 3 set for next week.

“Competition is fierce, the Finnish market is now an interesting situation,” Korpi said.

Pre-ordering Lumia 900 and Galaxy S3 went hand in hand said DNA’s Aavikko, and competition will intensify.

He noted that sales of the Nokia Lumia 610 had been very successful yesterday, and that sales of the Lumia 900 were also very promising and within expectations, but it remained to be seen if this will continue.