Nokia Goldfinger and Moneypenny to be first WP8.1 handsets, feature “3d Touch” gestures

by Surur
November 14, 2013


evLeaks has leaked some more of Nokia’s roadmap, revealing that of the 5 upcoming handsets, two, Nokia Goldfinger and Moneypenny, are Lumia handsets which would be the first Windows Phone 8.1 handsets.

The Verge has also tapped their sources, and revealed the handsets will feature “3D Touch”, which is believed to be a gesture-based system which would allow users to scroll the web browser or move to the next music track merely by moving their hand above the screen, much like Airplay.

Hopefully the feature will be a bit more integrated that Samsung’s gimmicky system.

Are our readers looking forward to waving your hands above your phones?  Let us know below.

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