Nokia explains what PureMotion HD+ means

Nokia has posted an explanation for one of the buzz words from yesterday’s Nokia Lumia 920  reveal.

The device come with PureMotion HD+, which increases the refresh rate of the physical screen itself to match up with the 60 frames per second the Windows phone user interface generates, thereby reducing blur.

PureMotion HD+ uses an IPS type LCD display that is also given a higher voltage difference when changing states to produce a clean transition from frame to frame, even when operating at top speeds. This allows the display to deliver a steady 60FPS without any blurring.

PureMotion HD+ also adds a high-luminescence mode that works automatically from the phone’s ambient light sensor, improving contrast and brightness outdoors considerably.

The screen used in the Nokia Lumia 920 also uses Synaptics ClearPad 3 technology for Super Sensitive Touch, and has a higher resolution and pixel density than the iPhone 4S (768×1280, 331 PPI vs 640×960, 326 PPI) and also the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Nokia has detailed all the improvements in a white paper here.

Via Nokia Conversations