Nokia Drive App XAP For Other OEM Windows Phone Devices

Nokia Drive App Ported To Samsung, HTC Devices

It was not so long ago we saw Nokia Music and Nokia Map app XAP’s were leaked to the internet which worked on various Windows Phone OEM devices like HTC, Samsung, etc. Now people from famous Chinese Windows Phone site/forums have ported the crown jewel of Nokia Windows Phone devices, Nokia Drive app. Nokia Drive app allows offline voice guided navigation in various countries around the  world. Currently the XAP was tested on HTC and Samsung Windows Phone devices. Once you install the app, it will ask you to select the map region to be downloaded along with the voice you need, for example, the whole US map is about 1.7GB.  Nokia should be more careful and add extra protection to their exclusive apps. Its pathetic too see all their apps on other Windows Phone devices.

Unfortunately we can’t post the link to XAP here, so  you may find at your own risk.

Thanks to gaille.joo for the tip.