Nokia Developed Windows Phone Apps Will Also Work On Other Windows Phone OEMs Devices


1, 2011

Marco Argenti, Senior Vice President of Developer and Marketplace at Nokia had a briefing with Pocket-lint during which he detailed many part of the on going plans for devimageeloping Nokia Windows Phone Experience. As Stephen Elop said Nokia will not only develop apps for Windows Phone for its own phones, but also will work on improving the whole Windows Phone ecosystem. Most of the apps will be exclusive to Nokia phones for a time being before making them available for other devices with one exception of Nokia Mapping experience which will be tightly integrated into the OS. Here are some important points Marco made to Pocket-lint,

“Windows Phone 7 doesn’t need us to add more layers," ,"But we will work hard to enhance areas like mapping, commerce and discovery.”

“Every Nokia App will be available on every phone,”

“Since the announcement, developers have really embraced Windows Phone 7. The app store is now growing by over 1,000 apps a week and we are actively going after companies that already have a good Symbian offering to get them to create a Windows Phone 7 app,”

“We don’t want to branch the experience, but there are many cases where a local app might be the best in that country, but doesn’t get the coverage it deserves because it’s not big globally,”

Marco Argenti also added that his job is getting easier because of the Microsoft’s effort in developer ecosystem and its getting good scene in US too where Nokia is weak. Read the full interview at Pocket-lint .

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