No Surprise: Microsoft ignored feedback about broken Fresh Start feature in Windows 10 May 2020 Update

by Surur
June 14, 2020
fresh start not working

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We reported yesterday that Microsoft appears to have broken the Windows 10 Fresh Start feature, which gives you a fresh, bloat-ware free install of Windows 10,  and noted that this appeared to be another failure of the Windows 10 Insider program, given that such an obvious omission would have been caught by a proper professional test suite.

It appears, however, like most of the major bugs which slipped through to the shipped version of Windows 10, Microsoft had been made aware of the issue some time ago.

fresh start not working

Reports on the Feedback Hub date back to at least 8 months ago, and Techdows, who noted the presence of the reports in the Feedback Hub, also showed that these reports were not isolated, as can be seen in their collated screenshots here:

As has previously been the case, the issue appears not to be the diligent Insiders, but Microsoft’s process of responding to their reports. It is notable that the issue is not listed as a Known Issue of Windows 10 2004 at the time of writing.

Following the major file deletion bug in the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, Microsoft said they would put new measures in place to bubble up significant reports.  This issue is of course not of the same magnitude, but it seems a pretty egregious ‘fit and finish‘ bug to ship to end-users.

Do our readers agree Microsoft should be doing better? Let us know below.

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