No Courier till 2011

by Surur
April 18, 2010

microsoft-courier-tablet_2The New York Times has reported on internal Microsoft sources which unfortunately dash any hopes of seeing the very interesting Microsoft Courier any time this year.

According to the Microsoft employees who has seen the device, Microsoft engineers have concerns about the battery power needed to keep the two screens going. Courier is about as big as an ordinary paperback and folds out to reveal two screens. Users would be able to take notes on the device with a pen, and easily drag and share content between the screens.

And internally the company is struggling to identify the right market. Though no firm decision has been made to sell the product, at first the idea was to market the Courier for designers and architects, but lately the company is thinking of a broader market of consumers and so would include e-books, magazines and other media content on the device.

Microsoft engineers have talked about getting the Courier out by early 2011.

Read more at the here.


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