Nintendo Switch Online free trials reset for those in Europe

by Ash
May 3, 2020
nintendo switch online

If you’re a Nintendo Switch player in Europe who’s been thinking about joining Nintendo Switch Online but has already exhausted their trial period, good news! The trial period has been reset for those who’ve previously redeemed one.

That means that even if you’ve already used one free trial, you can now enjoy seven days of playing online with your friends, acquaintances, and even complete strangers, along with access to a library of over 70 NES and SNES games, and more.

Just be aware that this offer is seemingly currently open to those in Europe. You also can’t redeem more than one free trial now, meaning that if you haven’t already previously tried out Nintendo Switch Online, you’re now limited to just 7 days of usage.

A subscription to Nintendo Switch Online is, sadly, almost a necessity to enjoy most big-name Nintendo Switch games. Several games will lock you out of features for not having an online account – I, personally, can’t use the outfit uploading tool or have any of my online friends visit me in Animal Crossing: New Horizons just because I don’t have NSO.

If you want to sign up for a free trial of Nintendo Switch Online, simply follow the link here. Just be aware that signing up for a free trial will also set you up for automatic renewal of an individual 1-month membership, so make sure you cancel auto-renewal if you don’t want to keep using NSO after the trial period!

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