NieR Replicant remake expands on the original, will feel like Automata


29, 2020

The upcoming NieR Replicant remake will be an expanded version of the ordinal action RPG.

Revealed by director Yoko Taro in the new issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, thankfully translated by Twitter user Storm Yorha, the NieR Replicant remake is described as being “much more than a remaster”.

Firstly, the upcoming game will be created to feel “new” with more polished gameplay closer to the Platinum Games hack-and-slash action of the original’s far-future sequel, NieR Automata.

On the topic of Platinum Games, Yoko Taro has revealed that the prestigious action game developers will be helping with the NieR Replicant remake.

Finally, the original game’s voice actors will be returning to record a fully revised script, however, we expect the role of the titular NieR to be changed due to his age being around half that of the original Western release’s protagonist. A few NieR Automata actors – including the VAs for 2B and 9S – will also be returning.

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