Nexdock reviewed with the Lumia 950 and Continuum (video)


15, 2016

nexdock review

The Nexdock device extender is currently shipping to some lucky users (though a hiccup means that shipment to everyone is delayed at the minute) and Lumia 950 owner D Falconer has taken the opportunity to review the keyboard/ screen and battery combo.

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The Continuum accessory is not exactly designed for Windows 10 Mobile and therefore scores rather poorly in the review, starting with the lack of USB-C, compatibility issues which results in USB errors on the phone, lag and an otherwise shaky experience.

Falconer recommends saving up for the HP Elite X3’s lapdock instead, though I suspect it will cost several multiples of the Nexdock.

Have any of our other readers received their Nexdock yet? Let us know below.

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