NexDock 14-inch Continuum-powered laptop delayed due to factory fire


We are used to crowd-funded gadgets being delayed, but the NexDock, a 14-inch monitor with built-in battery and bluetooth keyboard which turns small screen devices into a laptop, appeared to be on track for shipping by its June deadline.

Now however it seems the accessory has been pushed back as much as 3 months due to a fire in the factory assembling the devices.

nexdock fire

Nexdock writes:

In our conversation with the MDGs, the fire began near the assembly line. This means that the NexDock who are in an assembly process are damaged or destroyed. We know the status of NexDock who were in other parts of the factory, if all or only part have been affected by the fire. […] The MDGs have to manufacture new devices, so we could find ourselves in a delay of up to three months.

The NexDock takes advantage of Continuum feature the Lumia 950 or 950 XL to deliver a full computing experience, and even if you have a device which does not have Continuum feature, you can still use NexDock using its mini HDMI-in port. It may be by the time it actually arrives on the market there will be other competition, like the Lap Dock from HP, which is also compatible with other Continuum for Phones handsets.

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