Newegg Offers 50% Off on Rosewill NEON K51 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

March 28, 2022

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Rosewill NEON K51 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Rosewill NEON K51 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Rosewill NEON K51, a hybrid mechanical RGB gaming keyboard, is now on sale on Newegg, giving everyone a 50% discount. That said, if you are looking for some suitable, inexpensive replacements for your current problematic keyboard, this could be the call.

Rosewill NEON K51 is a white multicolor backlit keyboard that highlights a clean layout while also providing practical features for gamers. It offers revolutionary “mem-chanical” (mechanical switches on a membrane keyboard) key switches that can provide a unique typing experience due to improved tactile feedback and enhanced durability. The clicky feel gives the users a more prominent connection with each push of the key, while the mechanical click does not create conflict with the 19 anti-ghosting keys.

It also boasts improved easy-access multimedia keys, so gamers will have complete control over the audio while in the middle of a demanding game. Play, pause, skip and adjust the volume of the audio tracks with ease using Rosewill NEON K51. Add to that, a wide matching wrist rest is ergonomically placed at the bottom part of the keyboard to help prevent muscle strains during long hours of play. You can put the weight of your wrists on it without a fuss, thanks to the anti-slip rubber feet for enhanced stability.

Using the Rosewill NEON K51 itself and maintaining it is also made easy for all users. It is driver-free for Plug and Play, so installation and setup can be done in a minute. Meanwhile, the keycaps have a removable feature, making the clean-up process a cinch. 

And for RGB fans, Rosewill NEON K51 will give your computer station the best vibe with its vibrant RGB LED backlights. You can easily control the lighting effects with function keys and choose from the eight programmed effects of the keyboard: Rainbow 1, Rainbow 2, Breathing, Wave, Static, Spectrum, Ripple, and Personalize.

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