New Zealand teacher uses HoloLens to teach maths to his class

We have heard stories of companies like Mercedes-Benz using HoloLens to train their employees. However, it’s rare to see teachers using the same tech to teach students. That said, Subash Chandar K, a teacher has been using HoloLens to teach maths to his class.

The experience of using HoloLens is something very different from traditional methods of teaching. One of his students shared his thoughts on the HoloLens:

We are a generation that learns through examples and visualisation, not explanation and reading, and HoloLens is supportive of this. It helps us rediscover the touch of ingenuity we have lost through the boring, old methods and disconnected learning environments.

“HoloLens inspires critical thinking. It has tremendous potential because it gives us as students so much freedom to experiment, and the only limits are our creativity and imagination. This is not changing what we learn but simply how we learn it, and it may just be the solution to the problems of our education system.

This is something that Microsoft thought of when they initially announced HoloLens. It’s amazing to see HoloLens being used in the teaching industry. Microsoft earlier demonstrated how HoloLens can be used in other industries like Airline and Medical industry. With HoloLens and Mixed Reality, Microsoft is trying to allow people to have more hands-on experience before they go in to do their jobs. Industries like Airline and Medial require precise training and pose a potential danger for the trainees. With the use of Mixed Reality, Microsoft is trying to eliminate the threat. At the same time, students can use HoloLens to have a first-hand experience of how things work rather than just reading them in textbooks.

Via: SamuelMcNeill

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