New World is reportedly destroying graphics cards

July 21, 2021
New World

According to forum posts, New World is cooking some of the best graphics cards on the market, despite working without issue on weaker hardware.

With New World now in its final beta before launch, users are now finding another batch of issues that’ll hopefully be patched out by launch, and the latest is a real doozy, as rather than just running poorly on some hardware, New World is actively destroying in.

In reports from Twitch streamer Gladd via Twitter, as well as multiple people in New Worlds’ forums, the game is apparently destroying EVGA GTA 3090 graphics cards with startling efficiency. 

“I heard a loud pop and now my 3090 won’t get past POST on bootup,” one forum user Goatz writes, claiming that after causing the GPU’s fans to spin up and down New World seemingly killed off the graphics card, despite other games having “no problems.”

What’s worse is that according to Goatz, this isn’t their first card that’s been affected, writing that “this is the 2nd 3090 FTW3 Ultra directly from EVGA to die while playing or attempting to play New World, my first one died during Alpha, but I was able to play that for a week or so before that.”

In the replies to the forum post, other users are complaining of the same issues, with screens going black after booting the game and the card not being detected afterwards, so it appears not to just be a one-off scenario. 

With the EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 costing nearly $1900 and being phenomenally rare to boot due to the current semiconductor shortage, it’s definitely not a component that you want to break in any situation, let alone while trying to play a brand new game.

Hopefully, Amazon Games can have this issue resolved before a lot more people get their hands on New World when it launches on August 31st. If you’ve got a GTX 3090 of any kind, it might be best to hold off playing the game for now, as it’s currently unclear how widespread this issue is.

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