New Windows 10 Mobile Music Transport controls look good, but lack features

by Surur
July 5, 2015


The latest public Technical Preview build of Windows 10 Mobile, build 10149, includes new music transport controls which drops down as usual when you adjust the volume.

The controls feature an improved look with more narrow and elegant graphics and take up much more screen space.

In return for taking up more space however not much new functionality has been added, with the only new feature being a somewhat redundant volume slider, given that your fingers are already on the volume buttons, and mute button.

Given the space available Microsoft could do well to add the usual shuffle and repeat buttons, and even potentially the next track in the playlist also (an item that is also not immediately glanceble in the new W10M music app also).

Do our readers agree that that Microsoft is missing an opportunity here? Let us know below.

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