Rumours that Microsoft has been developing a Surface-branded handheld has been on and off again (currently off), but the idea of a powerful Windows-driven handheld productivity device has never really faded.

Since 2017 one of the drivers of the vision for fans of the concept has been Ryan Smalley, who created the original Surface Note concept renders which we used on numerous occasions on this site to illustrate Microsoft’s ideas.

That idea started with a folding screen, then moved on to a dual-pane device when it became clear that this was what Microsoft was working on.

Now Smalley is back with a new version of the Surface Note, which features the now very realistic flexible folding screen once again.

Smalley’s Surface Note concept is wrapped in Alcantara and folds both in and out, allowing users to protect the screen by closing it for pocket use, while still having a large external screen for one-handed use when more mobile.

In that configuration Smalley imagines the Surface Pen neatly tucking into the fold, killing 2 birds with one stone.

Smalley also pulls one another recent Microsoft patent for wireless controllers, allowing the device to access Project xCloud and game with the big boy.s

See some more gorgeous renders below:

See the high resolution collection at Behance here.

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