New Samsung patent shows a new take on in-display fingerprint sensor

June 9, 2018

In-display fingerprint sensors are all the rage right now, and Samsung has been testing more than a few implementations of it. Now, the firm is thinking of a new way for users to interact with their devices with a combined trio of buttons for fingerprint sensors, a home button and back button.

The physical buttons will be behind the display, but users will interact with the display to trigger the actions that would normally have been on external hardware/capacitative buttons.

Users will be able to alter the size of the home button in this case via software, growing or shrinking it to suit their needs. it won’t alter the size of the physical button obviously.

The patent also explores various ways for the feature to be multi-functional, including service as a camera button, a fast launch to your mobile payments app, and opening your digital assistant.

The patent makes the case for making a smartphone with a 90% screen to body ratio, this is an improvement over the 84.2% ratio currently offered by the Galaxy S9, and matches the Lenovo Z5 released earlier this week.

Like all patents, it may not ship in a physical device, but we can learn more about what the firm is thinking as it works on launching its next physical device.

Via Lets Go Digital.

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