New Patent suggests that Microsoft might be working on an AirPods like device

Apple launched AirPods back in 2016 along with iPhone 7 and they have been doing well in the market. However, we have seen companies following the same tracks by releasing similar earphones.

Now, it looks like Microsoft might be planning to join the race. The company has filed for a patent which explores the similar idea but will come with added features. The patent was filed back in 2017 and has been published by the U.S. Patent Office this week.

Wearable audio accessories for computing devices are described. In one embodiment the wearable audio accessory provides a speech based interface between the user and a nearby computing device for the performance of user-initiated or computing device initiated microtasks which they describe as asking for the weather, how your stock is doing today, what’s the traffic like, make a note / reminder, make a call and so forth. The information is provided to the user via a loudspeaker and the user can provide input via a microphone. An audio sensing channel within the accessory continuously monitors the audio signal as detected by the microphone and in various embodiments will trigger more complex audio processing based on this monitoring. A wireless communication link is provided between the accessory and the nearby computing device.

From the looks of it, Microsoft might be planning to launch smart earbuds as compared to just the earphones by Apple. The device will have the following features:

  • A temperature sensor arranged to detect a wearer’s body heat.
  • Earbuds could wirelessly work with televisions, Xbox, set-top-boxes
  • Communicate your to-do or shopping list
  • Alarms could be set to remind you of appointments, incoming email etc

Microsoft might also be planning to add a couple of accessories to the earbuds for better performance and additional features. However, it is just a patent so we can’t be sure that a similar device exists. Microsoft might launch it under the Surface brand later this year or they might completely skip it. In any case, you can head to the comments section below and let us know your thoughts on this.

Via: Patently Apple

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