New Nintendo Switch SKU referenced in latest OS update


15, 2020

A new Nintendo Switch SKU has been reportedly referenced within the latest update for Nintendo’s console/handheld hybrid. 

Revealed by hardware engineer Mike Heskin, thanks VGC, the latest update for the Nintendo Switch includes references to a never-before-seen “nx-abcd” SKU.

Heskin states that the new “nx-abcd” model is referenced as using a higher-spec SoC when compared to the current Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite. Instead of the currently used Nvidia Tegra X1 processor, this “nx-abcd” model would be using the Tegra X1+ processor which delivers faster speeds.

The update also allegedly references support for a secondary display. Perhaps, the new upgraded Nintendo Switch is more like the current Switch Lite that can be connected to a television? Maybe the system will adopt a clamshell Nintendo 3DS design!

There have been numerous reports of a Nintendo Switch Pro model being in development at Nintendo, although no proof of the upgraded hardware has ever been released.

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