New Microsoft patent shows another way to turn a flexible tablet into a mini-laptop


2, 2018

A good keyboard is important for productivity, and yesterday we posted a patent which showed Microsoft’s Surface Phone turning one half of the display area into a touch-screen keyboard, thereby turning the handset into a mini-laptop.

Now in a new patent, Microsoft has suggested this may also be accomplished in another way. Their patent would have a flexible tablet with a full-surface flexible screen have a docking connector in the hinge which when rotated in the landscape mode and docked to a keyboard turn the device into a more credible laptop.

Such a transforming device would, of course, make it more credible as your only PC – one that can be hypermobile when you need to be, but also offer full productivity and a large screen when you are able to sit down at a desk.

The patent is from the 31st August 2016, and it is interesting to see a version of Microsoft’s flexible hinge as debutedĀ on the Surface Book show up in the patent. The advantage of that type of hinge is, of course, the wide turn radius which would protect current generation flexible screens from damage due to folding.

The latest patent appears more suitable for larger tablets that pocketable phones, and it may be that Microsoft is simply exploring the idea space rather than working on a specific product.

The full patent can be seen here.

Via WalkingCat

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