Netmarketshare: Both Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge see significant rise in market share, Edge hits double digits

by Surur
November 1, 2020

Netmarketshare has released its market share report for October 2020. The report shows a significant increase in market share of Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge along with a slight drop in Chrome’s market share.

On the Operating System side, Windows 10 went up to 64.4% from 61.26% last month. Windows 7 also saw a corresponding big drop from 22.77% to 20.41%. macOS X 10.15 share also dropped from 5.11%, % to 4.88% while Linux went from 1.14% to 1.65%.

On the browser side, Chrome dropped from 69.94% to 69.25% while Edge went from 8.84% to 10.22%%. The rise may be the result of Microsoft pushing out the new Edge as part of Windows 10 20H2. Meanwhile, Firefox has gone from 7.19% to 7.22%.

This will be the last report from Netmarketshare’s numbers, as the company says they have been struggling with battling bots, which distort the stats, and that changes to browser user agent strings will make it impossible to get accurate data in the future.

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