Netmarketshare has released their numbers for August 2019 and they are mostly good for Microsoft. After pushing Windows 10 to the customers since launch, the Operating System has finally managed to capture 50% of the market share. Moving to the web browser, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer both have seen a minor bump in the market share this month.

On the Operating System side, Windows 10 has gained around 2% of the market share and currently sits at 50.99%. Windows 7, on the other hand, dropped to 30.44%. Coming on the third position is macOS 10.14 with a market share of 5.95%. While the OS section brought good news for Microsoft, the company still has to push almost 30% of the users to upgrade to Windows 10 as Windows 7 reaches End-of-support.

Moving on to the browser section Microsoft Edge is still struggling but has registered a minor bump in the market share. Google Chrome, on the other hand, has dropped down to 67.22% and is followed by Mozilla Firefox which is sitting at 8.43% of the market share. It is then followed by Internet Explorer which sits at 7.50%. Coming in fourth is Microsoft Edge with just 6.34% of the market share.

As we noted above, this month has mostly good for Microsoft. The company can celebrate the fact that more and more people are switching to Windows 10. However, at the same time, Microsoft needs to make sure people move from Windows 7 before the end-of-support.