Netfront 4.0 vs Opera Mobile 9.7 on the HTC HD2

In the above video we take another look at Access’ Netfront 4.0 browser, comparing its performance to the built-in Opera Mobile 9.7 browser on the HTC HD2.

Unlike your earlier impressions on a less powerful device, the Netfront browser performs pretty well in loading up an intensive site like ours for example, but is certainly not stable yet and seems to run much more often into memory errors.

Additionally when we try the industry standard Acid 3 test Netfront 4.0 does not even get past 2/100, while Opera Mobile 9.7 gets the full 100 easily and smoothly.

The biggest issue is however the user interface, which is pretty dismal for 2010 and has been an issue which has always dogged the browser.

If you still wish to give it a try, Netfront 4.0 is a free download from Access here.