Navteq partnership terms will give Microsoft joint ownership of data

With the revelation of the less than optimal GPS Navigation solution built into Bing Maps on Windows Phone 7 there has been some speculation under which license Microsoft has access to the data produced by the Nokia subsidiary Navteq.

This slide from from a Microsoft event in Vienna, captured by TamsPPC, shows that the cooperation is pretty far reaching, and most importantly will result in joint ownership of the data, which should hopefully give Microsoft wide freedom to do whatever they wish with it.

The slide mentions that Navteq will still collect the data, but that Microsoft will now host it, and that the company will use new camera sensors of a joint design, with an 8 camera panoramic sensor presumably from Microsoft and a 6 camera sign reading camera from Navteq.

Navteq will collect data from much of USA and 17 EU markets, covering a total of 1.5 million miles over 2 years before the process starts all over again, using a fleet of 50 vehicles.

Hopefully once the partnership reaches fruition in real devices we will see a much better navigation solution built into Windows Phone 7 also.