Native ARM64 version of VLC now available for Windows 10 on ARM PCs

One of the stand-out features of Windows 10 on ARM is that it is able to run normal x86 Win32 applications, but due to performance issues, many recommend that the ideal solution is for these apps to be recompiled to support ARM64 directly.

At Build 2018 Microsoft released ARM64 SDK for Windows 10, and while developers are not able to upload the recompiled apps to the store yet, they can offer them for download directly from their website.

This is exactly what VideoLan did for VLC for Windows, with the app now available from their website here.

VLC has always been at the leading edge of Windows support, being one of the first video players for Windows Mobile, Windows 8 and Windows Mixed Reality. Their support does not, unfortunately, mean Photoshop is next, but it does indicate that the process is not very complicated, meaning hopefully more developers can offer ARM64 versions of their apps as an option.

Via Engadget, thanks to Novak for the tip.

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