Multiple Hololens team members leaving to new perceptiveIO start-up


5, 2016


Microsoft’s Hololens team is experiencing a brain drain as as many as 7 of its researchers are leaving to start a new startup called perceptiveIO.

The company has been founded by Jeff Han, who first demoed multi-touch in 2006, well before the iPhone, and came to Microsoft via Peceptive Pixel, and Shahram Izadi, who worked on Holoportation, HoloLens, KinectFusion and many more.

perceptiveIO is still in stealth mode, but claim to be working on bleeding-edge research and products at the intersection of real-time computer vision, applied machine learning, novel displays, sensing, and human-computer interaction that will be a disruptive products that will touch many millions of lives, and radically change the world.

With Hololens now in the product cycle rather than research stage we suspect the loss of these researchers will not have a massive impact, and we hope they continue to use Microsoft technology as the basis of their next major project.

Read more about the company at here.

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